Jonne Taavitsainen Threedom



Drummer Jonne Taavitsainen loves trios. At the same time, he strongly dislikes conformity. Threedom especially is an atmospheric, almost trance-like affair, the band’s debut album Leap of Faith leading the listener into equally comforting and unsettling territory. This is right where Threedom feel most at home: After four years of intense songwriting and touring, the band have finally found where they belong.
Essential to the Threedom sound is the tight integration of two axes: On the one hand, Joel Parvamo’s guitar, which hints at the blues, paints glassy overtones and infuses the melodic arches with an almost cosmic dreaminess. On the other hand, the hypnotic rhythm section propelled forward by Taavitsainen himself and his congenial partner in crime, bassist Joonas Tuuri. The fusion of these different influences creates a distinct style, which sounds like slow acoustic drum‘n’bass in the vein of early Erik Truffaz with a hint of ambient.


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