Alpenglühen – Maximilian Geller

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The Vinyl has an exlusive track. VINYL ONLY! Folkmusic-jazz with: Maximilian Geller: soprano / alto saxophone, Herbert Pixner: diatonic accordion, Walter Lang: piano, Thomas Stabenow: bass, Marco Lobo: percussion a.o.

  • 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl

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In the 70s and 80s, Punk and Bossa Nova were merged into an exciting new genre called Nouvelle Vague. Thirty years later, Maximilian Geller has given birth to an equally adventurous and unique blend of styles: folkmusic-jazz. It is taking you home and to faraway places at the same time, to alpine cabins and basement jazz clubs all at once.
It took some time before Geller had gathered the courage to create folkmusic-jazz. And truth be told, the thought of this renowned saxophonist – regarded as a jazz icon from Munich to New York – playing Austrian landlers and jodlers, does sound crazy. And yet, the idea is not quite as mad as one might initially think. After all, Geller is a Swiss citizen and grew up as a child of the alps. Waltzes, traditional tunes and alpine nursery rhymes would be his favourites long before he came to appreciate Django Reinhard.
Once you’ve heard this music, it won’t let go of you. Just like folk music never let go of Max Geller.

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