Kattenslager – Helge Lien

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Subtle, mysterious and disturbing piano sounds. Known from his trio albums (Norwegian Grammy, Best Jazzalbum) Helge Lien now is channeling his technique into eleven tracks of free-flowing improvisation.

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The title of Helge Lien’s official debut as a solo artist is as eccentric as the music contained on it. While listening to a Danish jazz song from the 60s, Norwegian Lien misheard the lyrics as saying “Kattenslager”. In fact, they were referring to a “Plattenslager” (“Pop Record”), but the non-existing term would prove to be perfect for the album’s equally subtle, mysterious and disturbing piano so unds. Fans of Lien’s lyrical trio work certainly won’t be disappointed. And yet this time, his performance is no longer restricted by any preconceived melodic motives. Instead, ideas flow from his fingers with complete ease and unbound by limiting concepts, resulting in a record of remarkable freedom, immediacy and unpredictability.
Number 1: Norwegian Grammy Best Jazzalbum
Best Audiophile Release (SoundStage!);
Hansa Award, Natjazz Festival 2007,
DnBNor Musicians Award 2008, Kongsberg Jazzfestival;
Best Jazzalbum of the year in Norway 2008
(Helge Lien Trio – Hello Troll oz021cd).

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