Natsukashii – Helge Lien Trio

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The exciting follow-up to the award-winning album ‘Hello Troll’! Limited Edition 180g audiophile vinyl issue. “Lien creates music of unexpected depth and slow burn intensity.” (JAZZWISE)

  • 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl
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The Japanese term Natsukashii describes how intense memories can suddenly be triggered by something as trivial as an old shoe.
Norwegian pianist Helge Lien has dedicated his latest trio-CD to these moments, when reality is replaced by reverie and a simple chord can reveal innermost secrets.
Aptly, „Natsukashii“ was recorded in just three days. The sense of spontaneity and subcutaneous tension this has awarded the sessions is palpable on the album, which is pierced by dark metaphors as well as
a slow-simmering eroticism and channels the entire breadth of the trio’s influences – from classical to jazz and from folk to progressive rock.
To Lien, music has always been about building narratives and the ten stories contained here are among the most alluring and atmospherically dense he’s composed. These compositions never just feed from nostalgia, but always explore the magic of the current moment as well – and, in doing so, take their audience on a veritable trip.

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