Josete Ordoñez



A new dimension of Mediterranean serenity dedicated to the summer’s glory Josete Ordoñez awakens the dreamer in us. His music is bringing fantasies to life, painting imaginary pictures, and creating moods that we otherwise only know from a perfect summer day at the sea. With his new 5 track EP “Piedras y Rosas” including Remixes by Nacho Sotomayor, Blank & Jones and Stardelay, Ozella Music delivers a must have for every summer 2012 music collection. All original versions are taken from the album “Por el Mar”, reviewed as a superb release by one of Spain’s leading acoustic guitarists. With a laid-back charm solely dominated by Josete’s guitar work, the Remixes are breathing pure summer bliss. Balearic lushness is shining through every note. The EP’s highlight is the “Blank & Jones Balearic Relax Remix”, prognosticated to be the Chillout Summer Hit 2012. Josete Ordoñez’s “Piedras y Rosas” EP is the perfect soundtrack to slow down by opening new dimensions of Mediterranean serenity.

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