Shakin’ Our Souls – Vinyl

Anders Aarum // Ozella


Another Day In Suck City

Anders Aarum

Tell Me It's Raining

Anders Aarum

Where The Wild People Go

Anders Aarum

If I Was A Panda

Anders Aarum

The Perks Of Being A Loafer

Anders Aarum

Master Of Disaster

Anders Aarum


Things never get too comfortable on Shakin’ Our Souls. It offers driven, classically schooled jazz. Dreamy beatscapes propelled by pulsating grooves. And thrown in for good measure, there’s also the occasional excursion into atmospheric electronics.

The album feels like a roller coaster ride. Aarum won’t even decide which instrument to focus on: Rhodes, Moog or the piano? Thankfully for the listener, he just can not decide.


Release: OZ1088LP

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