Wood ’n’ Vinyl



Ozella proudly presents Wood’n’Vinyl, a unique project at the cusp between the visual and acoustic arts. In close collaboration with renowned sculptors and painters, each work creates an inspiring synergy with a selected album from the ozella-catalogue.
In an ingenious twist, all pieces replicate the format of a vinyl LP cover. Through the use of natural materials like poplar- and lime wood, the close relationship between design and sound is further reinforced. This awards a physical dimension to the organic sound of Ozella’s unique artist roster.
Each Wood’n’Vinyl sculpture is like a key into a new world – in which the beauty of the music is enhanced, its secrets expanded.
The limited edition contains:

  • Audiophile Vinyl-LP, 180 Gram, Gatefold Cover
  • Image-sculpture, wood, in the size of a Vinyl LP

Each one of the image-sculptures is an unique item, but all of them share the same character. Both items -image sculpture and Vinyl LP- will be shipped together in an elegant box.

Ozella Music, based at Schloss Hamborn near German city Paderborn, is well-known for supporting the individual artistic expression of their artists. They attach great importance to a highest possible quality of audiophile sound of their productions, as well as to the presentation and design of album artwork, booklets and brochures.

These ultra-limited Super Deluxe „Wood’n’Vinyl“ editions symbolize a new concept in a creative packaging.

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