Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer



Political Soundscapes

Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer’s second album Klangbiotoper has turned into something few would have expected from the exceptional Norwegian vocalist: A political statement: “When I set out to record this album, I saw the atrocities that we were committing towards our planet and it got me thinking”, Meyer recounts, “I reflected on my lack of will to do something about the situation and about our collective failure to take action. In some ways, working on the album was a way for me to enter into a dialogue with the places, plants and creatures of nature.”

This drive for change does not express itself through anger or ideologies, however. Rather, the album is about a return to humanity, about rebuilding our relationship with nature and opening ourselves up to the beauty that surrounds us. The softly flowing compositions oscillate between folk tunes from Meyer’s childhood and almost sculptural instrumental parts, in which her band – made up of tuba, saxophone and percussion – is casting the shapes and outlines of the worlds she is singing about on the retina of the mind’s eye.

Klangbiotoper is both an audiophile headphone environment and an expression of direct, undiluted emotions, a tribute both to her own roots and the things that unite as all.

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