Wood ’n’ Vinyl – Space Jazz

Wood ’n’ Vinyl // Ozella


I Through Space

Inwardness, Wood ’n’ Vinyl

II Through Space

Inwardness, Wood ’n’ Vinyl

II Moon Landing

Inwardness, Wood ’n’ Vinyl

Before And After

Inwardness, Wood ’n’ Vinyl

I One Hour Waiting

Inwardness, Wood ’n’ Vinyl

II One Hour Now

Inwardness, Wood ’n’ Vinyl

III One Hour Later

Inwardness, Wood ’n’ Vinyl


A Soft Collision
Shakunthala & Inwardness: Wood’n’Vinyl

After collaborating with renowned artist Werner ­Schlegel, Ozella’s ­ambitious Wood’n’Vinyl project is back. The concept behind the series is simple: A visual artist creates wood works inspired by an album from the label’s catalogue. This time it was up to mystical Yantra-painter Birgit ­Shakunthala Schnebel to create stimulating sculptures at the cusp between the visual and acoustic arts.
The parameters were thus identical. But the results are striking­ly ­different. Schlegel selected the Helge Lien Trio’s ­intensely ­atmospheric Guzuguzu and left the music playing while creating his sculptures. With ­Shakunthala, meanwhile, inspiration moved in mysterious ways. Although the music of Space Jazz ensemble ­Inwardness, on paper, served as a point of ­departure, the connection is certainly a lot harder to discern.
It is on closer inspection that the pencil lines and colour ­patterns of her geometrical compositions on wooden blocks ­reveal subtle links to Inwardness’s psychedelic sounds. Just like the trio around guitarist ­Maciek Pysz, Shakunthala creates in a meditative, deeply concentrated state, ­following a ­focussed flow very similar to an inspired jazz improvisa­tion.
Breaks and bonds are equally part of what is not so much a fusion, but rather a soft collision between two worlds.
Ozellas Wood’n’Vinyl with Shakunthala is strictly ­limited to 12 copies worldwide. Available exclusively from ­ozellamusic.com

Wood’n’Vinyl – Space Jazz

Release: OZ1085WnV

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