Helge Lien Trio – Revisited (Vinyl)

Helge Lien Trio // ozella


Hymne Revisited

Helge Lien Trio


Passion under the Microscope
“Revisited” is a hybrid of studio- and concert-recordings. Miraculously, however, you can’t hear that. All tracks blend into a cohesive, 50-minute piece: There are no sounds from the audience and the studio takes feel as urgent as the live performances.
After the departure of Frode Berg (after Guzuguzu) and Per Oddvar Johansen (after 10), Helge Lien had to re-think and re-assemble his trio. All the while, he continued to record and (virtually) perform – you could call it improvisation squared.
The courage has paid off: The new formation arrived at interpretations which felt like a look back and a fresh departure all at once: This is not a revolution, it’s passion under the microscope.

Side A
1 Hymne Revisited 6:37
2 Liten Jazzballong Revisited 6:11
3 Spiral Circle Revisited 6:36
4 Gamut Warning Revisited 5:30

Side B
5 Meles Meles Revisited 4:35
6 Jasmine Revisited 6:16
7 Krystall Revisited 6:27
8 Nipa Revisited 5:09


Release: OZ1101LP

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