Within a Dream – Vinyl

Dagobert Böhm // ozella


The Sea

Dagobert Böhm


“… Whatever Böhm touches here – everything is really implemented as dreamlike, simply and perfectly produced and of a substance that is immediately touching and yet only really reveals itself after repeated listening.”

Michael Lohr, Akustik Gitarre

After a life-threatening illness, Dagobert Böhm returns with a collection of dreamy pieces between folk and jazz. On it, Böhm’s sensitive guitar lines are complemented by Fender Rhodes, vintage synthesizers and discrete electronic beats. Guests like Karl Seglem on Saxophone, Knut Hem on dobro as well as pedal-steel and percussion virtuoso Ómar Guðjónsson add further impulses. Within a Dream is not supposed to turn the world of music upside down. It’s just supposed to make it a little more beautiful – more dreamlike, if you will.

Side A
1 The Sea 3:40
2 Glyk 5:01
3 Within A Dream 5:09
4 In A Meditative Mood (Guitar) 5:13
5 Lucky Me (Feeling Good) 3:29

Side B
6 Dream Within A Dream 4:15
7 Lone Station 5:21
8 In A Meditative Mood 4:13
9 Far Away 2:39
10 Stars 3:19
11 Twinkle Twinkle 1:05


Release: OZ1090LP

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