Wood ’n’ Vinyl



German Jazz and worldmusic label Ozella Music is releasing a series of peerless special editions, strictly limited to only 12 units per issue: a Vinyl LP of well-selected Jazz artists, forced together with image-sculptures made of poplar wood, developed and crafted by German sculptor and painter Werner Schlegel, who designed his work, based on the associated music release.

The wooden work of art is made by Werner Schlegel: the German sculptor, living and working in Niederntudorf near Paderborn. (www.werner-schlegel.de)

The idea of this special edition –to combine visual arts and music- was in a state of continuous progress and lively exchange between Werner Schlegel and Dagobert Böhm (Ozella Music) for many years. Now, their vision has been brought to a high quality form of expression.

The limited edition contains:

  • Audiophile Vinyl-LP, 180 Gram, Gatefold Cover
  • Image-sculpture, poplar wood, in the size of a Vinyl LP

Each one of the image-sculptures is an unique item, but all of them share the same character. Both items -image sculpture and Vinyl LP- will be shipped together in an elegant box.

Ozella Music, based at Schloss Hamborn near German city Paderborn, is well-known for supporting the individual artistic expression of their artists. They attach great importance to a highest possible quality of audiophile sound of their productions, as well as to the presentation and design of album artwork, booklets and brochures.

These ultra-limited Super Deluxe „Wood’n’Vinyl“ editions symbolize a new concept in a creative packaging.

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