Martti Vesala Soundpost Quintet



New Nordic Directions
Undercurrents can be unpredictable and violent on occasion. This was certainly the case for Martti Vesala’s new Soundpost album: “I really intended for the music to sound more Nordic, to give it a sense of calm, longing and space,” he recalls. “I’m drawing inspiration from more varied sources now.”
This ambition matches the emotional oscillations of the autobiographical Landmarks, written during a period of personal turmoil. Everyone in the band has grown, starting with Vesala who draws a lot from non-trumpet greats like John Coltrane. The Soundpost Quintet members, meanwhile, are gelling tighter than ever while simultaneously excelling as individual instrumentalists. Landmarks is a rollercoaster ride entirely his own – and easily Martti Vesala’s biggest vision so far.

Tour 2023

02-09 Helsinki, Koko Jazz Club (FIN)
02-24 Jyväskylä, Siltasali Jazz JKL Live (FIN)
03-09 Helsinki, Malmitalo (FIN)
03-30 Lappeenranta, Ravintola Lamppu (FIN)
03-31 Joensuu, Jazzkerho ’76 (FIN)
04-20 Salo, SaloJazz (FIN)
06-07 Turku, Flame Jazz Live (FIN)

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