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Close your eyes – press start on your CD player – and let yourself fall. A fine, warm shower of sounds starts falling with you. The breath flows, the heart becomes still. Vital rhythms give themselves over to the enchanting calm of the moment. Clear melodies, chords like a summer meadow, springy beats. Why do we actually say that beats spring or bounce? Most likely to express their lightness. Lightness is one of the attributes that best translates the essence of „The Sound“ into language. Sounds that imbue the spirit with light colors. Musical moods that open the ears to soundscapes yet unheard. Taking a trip in CD format. Urbane and spherical sounds woven from the vast expanses of digital sound-space in an intoxicatingly beautiful simplicity become your companions to Lounge-land on these compilations. A recommendation for those who prefer the pure sound of acoustic instruments and unconstrained melodic flights: Vol.2 „acoustic peace“, an East-West/North-South Crossover of the mellowest kind. „The Sound“ – this is well-spent, relaxed time in a contemporary sound outfit. And the fact that besides the „feel good“ factor there are countless musical gems to be discovered makes this series of CD’s from house Ozella a real and valuable investment. A precious melange of powerful artistic vision and soothing sounds.

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