Personal Seasons – Vinyl

Edgar Knecht // Ozella


Italian Summer

Edgar Knecht

Schnitter Tod

Edgar Knecht


Edgar Knecht

The Ship

Edgar Knecht

Spring Fever

Edgar Knecht


Edgar Knecht

Bunte Wälder

Edgar Knecht


The Fires of Summer

Personal Seasons never fails to deliver on what fans have come to expect from pianist Edgar Knecht and his band: Sensual grooves, magical, melodic soloing and a unique fusion of jazz, classical music and German folk songs.

At the same time, it is easily Knecht’s most ambitious album yet, encompassing two complete seasonal cycles. To realise his vision, he boldly decided to expand the group into a quartet. Trumpet player Frederik Köster turned out to be the ideal choice. After just one day spent discussing their approach, their next meeting already took place at the idyllic Fattoria Musica near Osnabrück for the recording session.

Knecht may have had to leave his comfort zone, but it was worth it: Personal Seasons is a veritable turning point for one of Europe’s most creative jazz musicians.


Release: OZ1096LP

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