Edgar Knecht



A virtuoso of the piano keys takes on the declining teutonic folk song, and breathes new life into these songs with jazz and world music influences. The pianist and composer Edgar Knecht has managed to find a sensational new approach to the seemingly lost tradition “Maria durch ein Dornwald ging” becomes a ballad that gets under the skin. The song “Es war ein König in Thule” evolves into a virtuoso piece between Beethoven and Cuban salsa. In “Froh zu sein bedarf es wenig” African 6/8 beat and German 3/4 beat revel in a joyous celebration.


17 March 2018

49152 Bad Essen // Read More

Edgar Knecht

16 March 2018

35037 Marburg // Read More

Edgar Knecht

09 March 2018

34117 Kassel // Read More

Edgar Knecht

02 March 2018

Nürnberg // Read More

Edgar Knecht

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