Tytingvåg Ensemble



Ozella’s latest offering „Let Go – Instrumentals“ is both a bold experiment and a highly atmospheric Jazz-album: The songs of Randi Tytingvågs „Let Go“ are returning as dreamy instrumentals – from which the original vocal tracks have carefully been removed. Suddenly, the musicians are reacting to melodies and words which are no longer objectively present but are still resounding through these songs like the scent of a sweet perfume in an empty room. An unreal, nocturnal and ghostly breeze is blowing through these eleven pieces drawing from Jazz, Folk, Chanson, Chamber Music and Klezmer alike. The result will surprise more than just those, who already considered the original „Let Go“ a „charming, colourful and rich galaxy of sounds“ (Jazzthetik). After all: That’s exactly what this mysteriously charming instrumental work outside of categories and conventions has turned into as well.

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