NyeSongar.no – Karl Seglem

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Brand-new album with his acoustic quartet.

  • 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl

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Following the success of widely acclaimed Norskjazz.no, NyeSongar.no is the second album of Karl Seglem together with his young quartet. With this collection of songs Mr. Seglem shows his sense of snow and brings us in the mood for winter.
As a Norwegian, Seglem knows there’s three things you need to get through the winter: calm, warmth and energy. All three are in perfect balance on NyeSongar.no.
Team spirit is just as essential. One can hear on all nine tracks of NyeSongar.no that theres an absolute trust amongst the musicians. It enables Karl Seglem to ride away into the unknown on his saxophone or one of his many goat horns, the other three would follow him along because they know from experience that he will lead them to a new musical place, whatever this place will look like.

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