The Sound Vol.1 – Ozella Compilation

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Beautifiul music for cool moments.

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Transcending space and time in down-tempo, spiting the imponderability of daily life with sweet feelings, and relaxing in the Ozella-Lounge: ‚The Sound’ makes it all possible. This compilation is a pioneeer of serenity and ease that enlivens body and soul with challenging sounds, serving up artists and projects whose musical ideas are far from mainstream. Still, there’s no lack of catchiness, earthiness or meditative wisdom here.
Multi-instrumentalist Carsten Mentzel, who has already proven his creativity in diverse album productions, shows us on his current project “Stardelay” just what an exellent sound whizz he is, innovating between gravitation and weightlessness. Fender Rhodes, crystal clear guitars, warm basses and a voice extolling the sweetness of life (“It Could Be Sweet” (Portishead), these are the building blocks for his cool vibe and jazzy groove driven slow-funk-ambient-tracks “Earthlight”, “Still Humming” and “Why It’s Warm”. Gerold Kukulenz undertakes an irresistable “Space Walk” with electronics, keyboard, bass and guitar. As a guiding light in a world that leaves room for meditation and peace, you don’t need a countdown to launch or land.
Leaving the arduous journey far behind, Shan Qi move, getting closer and closer to “Avalon” with the harmony of the Far East. The Norwegian-Chinese formation includes percussionist Helge Norbakken and bassist Gjermund Silset , among others. The late Andreas Leitfeld, who passed away one year ago, mastered the synthesis of live and computer generated sounds perfectly. His track “Hurikea”, from his last project Natural Frequencies, whisks you away into a dreamworld that creates maximum joy with minimal grooves.
Complex and timeless is the music of Ozella mastermind Dagobert Böhm, who uses his flowing, airy guitar sound – accompanied solely by Carsten Mentzel’s floating keyboards – to sport himself “Far Away” from things hectic and mundane. Blues-Barde Pete Alderton on the other hand, responds to the temptation of Eve with absolute coolness. ‚Evil Was Her Name’ is his rhythmically straight sounding answer on how to get your fingers burnt, and have fun doing it.
Pianist Reinmar Henschke and Saxophonist Volker Schlott aka Henschkeschlott do not deny their love for jazz and ambient contemplation with their improvised, genre-crossing sounds. Henschke takes himself and his listeners out to float on a soloist musical journey, greeting the new day with the soft beating of wings (“Ein Neuer Tag”). He doesn’t even let bad news (“Schlechte Nachricht”) spoil his undauntable good mood.
The Sound’ has everything you need to get through the day, and the night, with ease.

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