Menschen am Sonntag – Trio Bravo

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Happiness and melancholy in harmony.

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1 – The Artist Living up to their name and causing a furore at their concerts from Berlin to Bilbao since 1995. These exceptional musicians have developed their own style from the virtuoso interpretation of traditional East European music. Solid artistic craftsmanship and compositional skill combine classical and klezmer with pop and rock music. The genius of their own compositions lies in a deeply palpable music that expresses desire, melancholy, and the pure joy of living while effortlessly combining musical genres.
2 – The Music
2002 Trio Bravo were asked to compose new music to the silent movie “Menschen am Sonntag.” The composition picks up the light tempting mood of a summer day. The music sometimes is tender and innocent and another time really fast and energetic.
2 – The Movie
“People on a Sunday” (Berlin 1929) is seen as a masterpiece of German cinema. It was the first work of Billy Wilder, Robert Siodmak and Fred Zinnemann before they’ve moved to the United States and got famous in Hollywood.

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