Por El Mar – Revisitado – Josete Ordoñez

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An ode to the sea and the beauty of the summer – finest Mediterranean guitar sounds remixed by international top acts from the Downtempo & Lounge scene

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With his 2009 masterpiece Por el Mar, Josete Ordoñez carved out an entirely unique personal style for himself. His ode to the magic and energy of the ocean, to its ability of slowing down time and creating a space for reflection, quickly turned into the perfect soundtrack for those wishing to escape daily routine. Using nothing but the silky tone of this flamenco guitar, lively percussion, world music influences as well as jazzy harmonies on keyboards and synthesizers, the album took listeners on a both relaxing and inspiring journey to the beach. Or, as a critic put it: “Josete Ordoñez’s guitar is creating desires, stimulating one’s fantasy and painting images of the ocean’s blue, the wind’s breath and the infinite expanse of the horizon on the mind’s eye – somewhere between flamenco, pop, jazz and chill out.”
Four years after the original release of Por el Mar, its philosophy and sound are more current than ever. So it seemed an obvious choice to approach some of the most renowned producers and musicians of the international downtempo-, lounge- and chill-out-scene about remixing selected cuts from the record and inviting Klassik-Lounge-DJ Nartak to commission and supervise the project.
Thanks to Nartak’s involvement, Por el Mar – Revisitado now brings together a cast of illustrious names. All of them are approaching the originals with respect and sensitivity, dressing them up in subtle electronic arrangements without robbing them of their soul. Although electronic sounds and beats are essential to these new tunes, the melodies of the flamenco guitar and the characteristic voices of singers Ana Salazar, Monica Molina from Spain as well as Nsut Song from Vietnam have remained firmly intact.
Three years ago, Josete Ordoñez’s created a timeless musical vision. Now, it continues into the future – as the soundtrack for magical nights at a cocktail lounge at the beach.

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