Halle’s Planet – Gunnar Halle

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Introspective and Coherent

Slowly grooving jazz rock pierced by cosmic synthesizers. This album is a trip towards Halle’s very own planet.

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Introspective and Coherent

Planet Halle sounds simultaneously more introspective and coherent than its predecessor Istanbul Sky. And yet, this is not an album of ballads. All tracks are firmly rooted in an organic rock sound. It seems apt, then, that the most characteristic instrument of the album, next to Gunnar Halle’s trumpet, are the drums.

Jazz rock marks one end of the stylistic spectrum, intelligent electronica delineates the other. Discretely soaring synthesizers are lending a sweetly cosmic touch to the arrangements, while some of the beats sound so hyper-detailed as though they’d been meticulously programmed.

This album is a trip – towards Halle’s personal sound, his individual style, his own planet.

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