Reik – Karl Seglem

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An individual, independant and expressive world of sound.

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“REIK” – one single little word. An old nordic term for “…to be moving…” Reik – that’s how the exceptional musician Karl Seglem titled his new album, once again pointing the way to his Nordic homeland with his unique “soundscapes”.
Seglem’s sound is light, transparent, dreamy but still full of depth and transcendence. His introverted playing incorporates the musical textures of traditional Norwegian music as well as jazz. Karl Seglem grows up with both structures; through him both grow together into something completely new…
He works, here with Reidar Skår, very consciously with the most sophisticated modern studio technology, breathing new life into days gone past and creating organic contact to the matrix of contemporary sound. Karl Seglem finds the most musically sensitive complement for the Reik project in fellow musicians Nikolai Ivanov (tambura, guitars) and Harald Skullerud (drums, percussion).
And Karl Seglem’s „movements“ really are meant to be understood ambiguously.
On the one hand Reik creates delicate-limbed impressions, ones that feed longing within and awaken wanderlust – great cinema for the mind.
Seglem’s melancholic floating sounds sketch the scarred silhouette of the Norwegian coast, sweep over wide plains, meander with the wind over icy barren heights, through dense forests…
On the other hand Reik arouses almost archaic emotions, pointing back to the basis of human origin.
Seglem “moves“ in a very special way with this album. Even if you have never before set foot upon his Norwegian homeland, tracks like the wonderfully flowing “Gjendines badnlat” or the extreme, urgent rhythm of “Mountain Song” make you feel at peace with yourself – “grounded”.
“Reik” – Karl Seglem’s landscape of sound as the ambivalence of future and past.

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