Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions – Vinyl

Kari Ikonen // Ozella



Kari Ikonen


Wassily Kandinsky, one of my favorite painters, divided his works in three categories: impressions, improvisations and compositions. “Improvisations” were spontaneous expressions of an internal mood or feeling, directly from the artist’s soul. “Impressions” were improvisations as well, but with external influences, such as music or the nature. “Compositions” were also expressions of inner visions, but more consciously and meticulously designed and containing more complex structures.
What a perfect analogy with the music of this album! Some of the pieces here are impressions, inspired by a scale / maqam, a painting or a story. Some tracks are “pure” improvisations and some are written compositions.

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Release: OZ1097LP

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